Creating or modifying States for your tickets.  

States allow you to mark the progress of a specific ticket in a systematic and uniform way.  By setting up Ticket States, you can better manage the life-cycle of your tickets. We pre-load some default States for you, but you are able to add, delete or modify these States to suit your business. 

As you process tickets towards resolution, you can define states along with their sort order. Only administrators are able to create or modify states.

Setting up states

On the board or list view, click the ellipse (...) button, then click the Change States button.

Creating or Modifying Ticket States

When your Fuseboard account is setup, we default a few states. The states are sorted in the order that you assign. You can easily add, change or remove states. 

  • To add a state, enter a state name and sort order in the textboxes and click the Add State button. 
  • To change a state, click the text for state name or sort order and make the desired changes. The changes will save automatically.
  • To delete a state, click the {{trash}} icon to remove the state. 

Moving Your Tickets to a Specific State

Once the administrator for your Fuseboard has modified or created states that are applicable to the way you process cases, you can move each ticket to the appropriate state as you work on them.  There are two ways to change a state of a ticket.  You can simply drag and drop your ticket cards to the appropriate state within the board view.  Or, from within a ticket, on the overview tab, you can edit the state under the Ticket Summary area.


Changing a Ticket's State from Ticket Overview Tab

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