Clicking on a specific ticket will open up the ticket so that all information can be viewed.  That information is organized into tabs as follows.

Ticket Details - Overview Tab

Overview Tab

The overview tab displays a news feed of all updates and key activities (uploaded document, new task, etc.) for the ticket. All assignees of the ticket are able to view the news feed. 

Ticket Summary 

The Ticket summary includes essential details concerning the ticket.

  • Ticket Number - Upon creation of the ticket, each ticket is automatically assigned a unique identifying ticket number.
  • Priority -  Each ticket can be assigned a priority in order to manage the load based on priority. Those priorities are: Critical, High, Normal or Low.
  • Status - The current status of the ticket.  Each ticket can have an Open or Closed status.
  • State - The current state of the ticket:  Backlog, In Progress, Awaiting Response, or On Hold.
  • Channel - A channel identifies the origination or source of the ticket, such as email, phone call, or other method.  Only administrators are able to create and manage Ticket Channels. 
  • Owner - The user that controls the ticket
  • Hours Spent -  The total number of hours worked.
  • Age - The total age of the ticket based on when the ticket was created.

Tasks Tab

Tasks can be added to move this case forward in a logical manner.  For more information on adding tasks to your ticket, see the Tasks User Guide.

Resources Tab

Within Fuseboard, you have the ability to upload and attach files, add links, or create notes to any deal, project, ticket, contact, company or space. Each area allows you to add external information or add notes (along with comments to those notes) that will help you in managing your specific business details.  These resources can be for internal use only or can be shared with your clients.  For more information on adding files, links or notes to your ticket, see the Resources User Guide.

Assignees Tab

From the Assignees Tab, you can view the team members for this ticket. Only people listed can access this item and view updates in their dashboard.

About Tab

The About Tab includes other details such as important dates: Created On, Last Updated, and Closed Date.

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