1. In Fuseboard, click your avatar and then browse to Organization Settings.
  2. Click the Tickets tab
  3. Select the New Ticket Email textbox text and copy.
  4. Inside your Office365 account, you will want to create a support mailbox for your organization.
  5. Create a Mail Contact as well. The mail contact should have an external email address that is your support address (ie: support@acme-requests@drop.fuseboardapp.com)
  6. On the top right, where you see the name of the currently logged in user, select Another User from the menu.
  7. Select the Support user that you created (step 4)
  8. This will open a new window, you should now be managing the Support user. Select Organize Email from the left menu.
  9. Create a new inbox rule for that user that does the following: apply to all new mail, redirect messages to the Mail Contact (step 5)
  10. Save the rule.
  11. Under your company in Fuseboard, create a contact with the email address being the Office365 email address. You may enter any name you wish (e.g. Office365 Incoming.) 

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