Adding Tasks within Deals, Projects, or Tickets

You can begin adding tasks to your deals projects, and tickets, once they have been created. Or, you can pre-load your new deal, project or ticket with a set of generic tasks by applying a template when creating a specific deal, project, or ticket.  See the Templates Administration Guide for more details on setting up templates to be used for your deals, projects, and tickets.

Tip (Projects Only):  Here is an opportunity to structure standard Milestones and a standard list of tasks for your projects.  For Projects, put the “Big Rocks” in before adding the Pebbles.  In other words, create your Milestones before creating your Tasks.  See the Milestones Administration Guide for more information.

Adding Tasks to an Existing or Newly-Created Deal, Project, or Ticket

Once your deal, project, or ticket has been created, to begin adding tasks, you can access the specific deal, project, or ticket details and click on the Tasks tab. From the Tasks tab, you can create tasks in multiple ways.

Options for Adding Tasks (Example of within a Deal)

  1. Create a New Task List to group your tasks as you add them.
  2. Add a New Task, which allows you to select the appropriate Task List it belongs to.
  3. Add a single task to an existing Task List.
  4. Apply a Template to add your tasks and Task Lists all at once.  (As mentioned above, a template can also be applied on creation of the deal, project or ticket itself.)
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