Adding Tasks to Templates

When using a template, you can reduce the burden of creating projects, deals and tickets for routine scenarios. You can create your own templates from scratch or use an existing project, deal, or ticket and change it later. When using an existing project, deal, or ticket as a template, Fuseboard will go ahead and figure out the timing and set the task assignments for you.

When creating your templates, you can setup milestones (projects only), tasks and task lists. You also have the ability to assign individuals to tasks and set up timing strategies for your tasks and/or milestones. Timing your milestones and tasks is based on the creation date of your project, deal or ticket. People assigned to a task are added as members. They receive a notification letting them know they are assigned as a member.

By default, when we plot milestones or tasks we exclude weekends. If your project spans weekends, just uncheck the “exclude weekends” option and we will include weekends. Also, you can decide which milestones and tasks are shared on the client portal.

See the Template Administration Guide for more information on creating and modifying templates.

  1. Browse to Organization Settings
  2. Click the Templates navigation link
  3. If creating a new template, click on the New Template button on the upper right.  Please see the Template Administration Guide for more details.
  4. To modify an existing or newly created template, click on the template name listed in the workspace.

Organization Settings > Templates

Note for Projects:  We highly recommend setting up your milestones first.  See the Milestones User Guide for more information on creating milestones. Milestones are typically the large overarching goals (examples:  Completion of Phase 1, Client Go Live Complete, or 100 Client Threshold Reached.)

Creating Task Lists and Adding Tasks

Within the template selected, you are able to create task lists and/or begin adding tasks.  Click on either the Create Task List or Add Task button to begin. 

Note:  You must have at least one task list created in order to see the Add Task button.

Adding Tasks or Creating a New Task List

Create Task List

Once you click on the Add Task button, three fields will open up within the same window.

  1. Name: Enter the name of the task
  2. Due Date: Enter the number of days from the start of the deal, project, or ticket.  (Optional)
  3. Assignee:  Select the assignee for this task. (Optional)

To add your task:

  1. Click the blue Add button to add your task. 
  2. As validation, a green bar will appear across the top of the window letting you know: "Nice Work! Your task was created."
  3. Continue to add tasks and/or task lists to this template as necessary. 
  4. Your template will be ready for use in the area that corresponds with the template type (deal, project, or ticket.)

Adding a Task to a Template

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