Adding a New Task from the Task Board View

You can add a new task directly from the Task Board if you like.

  1. First, click on the Task Board icon on the left Sidebar.
  2. Click on the New Task button on the upper right of the Task Board view.

A New Task overlay window will open allowing you to add the specific information.

New Task > General tab

  1. Add to: Click in the drop-down arrow to the right of the icon in the next box to select where this task will be located:  Deal, Project, Ticket, Space, or Contact.
  2. Once you have selected where this task belongs, you can assign it to a specific deal, project, ticket, space, or contact. Begin typing the name of the appropriate deal, project, ticket, space, or contact and the box will provide you with a list of dynamic responses from which to select.
  3. Name:  Create a Name for your task.
  4. When is it due?  Set a Due Date. From below the date field, you can select Tomorrow, Next Week, In a Month, Next Year, or click in the field to obtain a calendar date-picker
  5. Share with client?  Toggle on whether to share with the client. (Default is No.)
  6. Description:  Add a Description to provide clarification.
  7. Click on the More Options tab to enter more information.

New Task > More Options tab

  1. Recurrence:  Select the recurrence option, if desired, for the task that you are creating.  The default is One Time Only.
  2. Update news feed?  Toggle on whether to update the news feed with this new task.  (Default is Yes.)
  3. Click on the Create Task button at the bottom right to create your task.
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