What are milestones?  You can think of milestones as those large, overarching objectives or phases within a project.  Milestones are typically the "big goals" -- Examples:  Completion of Phase 1, Client Go Live Complete, or 100 Client Threshold Reached. 

Note:  Milestones are only used with Projects.

Adding milestones allows you to create a hierarchy of sorts for your project, which therefore creates a structure and logical process to follow as you work through your project.  The relationship looks like this:  Milestones > Task Lists > Tasks.

Tip:  Put the “Big Rocks” in before adding the pebbles and sand.  In other words, create your Milestones before creating your Task Lists and Tasks.  

Adding Milestones to a Project

You can begin adding milestones to your project, once the project has been created. Or, you can pre-load your new project with a set of milestones and generic tasks by applying a template when creating a specific project.  See the Templates Administration Guide for more details on setting up templates to be used for your deals, projects, and tickets.

Adding Milestones to an Existing or Newly-Created Project

Once your project has been created, to begin adding milestones, you can access the specific project details and click on the Milestones tab. From the Milestones tab, you can create milestones in two ways:

  1. Click on the blue New Milestone button to add a new milestone.
  2. Click on the {{dot}} button to see the Apply Template option which allows you to add your Milestones, Tasks and Task Lists all at once.  (As mentioned above, a template can also be applied on creation of the project itself.)

Options for Adding Milestones to a Project

Adding a New Milestone

Milestones provide a nice, organized way of grouping your task lists and related tasks into logical units.  

  1. Click on the blue New Milestone button to begin creating overarching categories for organizing your task lists and tasks into appropriate phases. 
  2. After clicking the New Milestone button, a New Milestone overlay window will open, allowing you to add a single milestone or multiple milestones. 

Note: This overlay defaults to adding a single milestone, however, by clicking the Multiple button in the upper right corner, you are able to add multiple milestones at one time.

Adding a Single Milestone

Adding Single Milestone

  1. Name:  Create a Name for your milestone.
  2. Description:  Add a Description to provide clarification.
  3. When is it due?  Set a Due Date. From below the date field, you can select Tomorrow, Next Week, In a Month, Next Year, or click in the field to obtain a calendar date-picker.
  4. Share with client?  Toggle on whether to share with the client. (Default is No.) 
  5. Click on the Create Milestone button at the bottom right to create your milestone.

Adding Multiple Milestones

Adding Multiple Milestones

  1. Click on the Multiple button at the top right.
  2. Add Milestones:  Add a milestone for each line.  A title and due date are required. Just separate them with a | character. (Example: Phase One Completion | 12/12/2016)
  3. Share with client?  Toggle on whether to share with the client. (Default is No.)  -- Note:  This is a great way to engage your clients in their project!
  4. Click on the Create Milestones button at the bottom right to create your milestones.

Adding New Task Lists and Tasks

Once you have your milestones created, you can begin adding task lists and tasks.  See the Tasks User Guide for more information on adding your task lists and tasks.

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