When managing your projects, you have a couple choices. You can organize projects as a list or on a virtual board. You can effortlessly switch between both views. You can even set a default view in Your Settings area.


The board view displays all of your open projects with each column representing a phase. You can drag and drop projects between each phase. You can filter deals by label and project owner.

Projects - Board View

Card Actions

When you hover over the project card, a menu will appear with actoins to view a project snapshot, add an update, add a task or attach a document.

Project Snapshot

When you click the snapshot icon on the project card, a small summary will appear with details such as description, labels, status, target date, milestone completion and task completion. Project completion displays the total tasks divided by complete (blue), overdue (red) and open (green). You can delete the project by clicking the trashcan icon or browse to the project workspace by clicking the View Details button.


The list view displays all projects along some project details. You can filter by status and project owner.

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