The Lay of the Land (aka Site Structure and Navigation)

Once you have been provided with your new Fuseboard account, you will notice the easy, consistent navigation throughout the site.  As seen in the figure below, there are two major navigation elements that are constant on the site.  You will always have access to the Side Bar and the Top Bar .

Side Bar

The Side Bar is always on your side!  The Side Bar provides access to items that pertain to your organization in total, and to which you have access.

  • Deals – Deals are…etc.
  • Projects – Projects…etc.
  • Tickets – Tickets…etc..
  • Spaces – Info on Spaces
  • Contacts – Info on Contacts
  • Companies – Info on Companies
  • Reports – Info on Reports                    


Top Bar

The Top Bar on your Fuseboard site provides access to key areas, to keep you on top of things:

The left side of the Top Bar provides access to aggregated information that pertains to you.

Dashboard – Your dashboard provides a running feed of updates from all areas (deals, projects, tickets and spaces) that you are assigned to or for which you are a member. Note: When you log in to your Fuseboard account, you will by default be on your Dashboard.

Tasks – This area aggregates all tasks for which you have been assigned, and are grouped chronologically by due date in the following categories:

  • This Week
  •  Next Week
  • Future (Due date is out further than next week)
  • Someday (Due date has not been assigned.)

Calendar – Provides an aggregated view of your calendar items.    

The right side of the Top Bar provides access to easy navigation and the Settings menu.

Quick Action Menu – This menu provides a quick way to access common functions and areas. See figure below.

Search – Use Fuseboard’s context sensitive search to quickly locate any item, along with any recent history.

Settings – Access the Settings menu to change or display the following:

  • Your Name and Log Out button
  • Your Settings
  • Organization Settings
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • User Guide
  • Help & Questions

Quick Action Menu

The Quick Action Menu provides access to commonly used functions and tasks.



Use the Fuseboard context sensitive search to find deals, projects, tickets, contacts, companies and more. Clicking in the Search area will allow you to quickly access items that you most recently visited.


Clicking on your Photo/Avatar at the top right corner will allow you to access key personal and organizational settings, along with the ability to log out or access help materials and support.

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