In addition to the ability to manage their personal settings, Site Administrators will be able to edit Organization Settings.

Accessing Your Organizations Settings

On the blue Top Bar, select your avatar on the far right to access the Settings Menu.  From here you will be able to select Organization Settings.

Settings Menu

Once you reach the Organization Settings area, you will notice that there are eight tabs that organize the various settings and that you are located on the first tab, General.  Those tabs are:

  • General
  • Users
  • Integration
  • Import
  • Export
  • Tickets
  • Templates
  • Portal
  • Subscription

Organization Settings Tabs


From this tab, you are able to establish the following settings for your organization:

  • Time zone
  • Currency
  • From Email Address Name (Optional)

Organization Settings - General


Invite your teammates to join you on Fuseboard! See the Users and Permissions Administration Guide for more details on creating your users and setting up their permissions.

Organization Settings - Users


We provide instructions for setting up integration to Harvest, Xero, or Freshbooks.  For more information, see either the Harvest Integration, Xero Integration, Freshbooks Integration, or Slack Integration Administration Guide.

Organization Settings - Integrations


Learn more about how to import information in the Importing Data Administration Guide.

Organization Settings - Import


You are also able to export your companies and/or contacts to either CSV or Excel format.

Organization Settings - Export


On the Tickets tab of Organization Settings, you can add &/or change the following items:

  • New Ticket Email - Using the email address that you enter her, you can let your clients send requests via email. Simply, have them send issues or requests to the email you enter here and we will create a ticket automatically for them. Note:  For spaming reasons, the FROM email address must match an existing contact in Fuseboard.
  • Ticket Assignment - When a client creates a ticket on the portal or through an email, you can automatically assign (if you like) that ticket to a specific user.
  • Ticket Channels - Ticket Channels allow you to define the source or channel of a Ticket. We’ve setup some default ticket channels based on best practices, but you can always add more channels or change the current ones. You can edit current channels by clicking the channel name. If you wish to add new ones, enter the channel name in the textbox below the list and click the Add Channel button.

💡 See the Tickets User Guide to learn more about:

  • Adding or changing States for your tickets.  States allow you to mark the progress of a specific ticket in a systematic and uniform way.  We pre-load some default States for you, but you are able to add, delete or modify these States to suit your business. 
  • Adding or changing labels for your tickets, 

Organization Settings - Tickets


You can actually create a “template” of a list of tasks that should be performed for each deal, project, or ticket.   These tasks can even be assigned to your users automatically.  When using a template, you can reduce the burden of creating projects, deals and tickets for routine scenarios. 

When creating your templates, you can setup milestones, tasks and task lists. You also have the ability to assign individuals to tasks and set up timing strategies for your tasks and/or milestones.  You can create several templates or many templates for each area depending upon your need. 

 💡 Tip:  Here is an opportunity to structure standard Milestones and a standard list of tasks for your projects.  For Projects, put the “Big Rocks” in before adding the Pebbles.  In other words, create your Milestones before creating your Tasks.  

For more information on creating templates for deals, projects, and/or tickets, see the Templates Administration Guide.

Organization Settings - Templates


Clients can view tickets and projects they are assigned to as members. Once they are members, they can see updates, documents, tasks, milestones and comments you share with them. Also, the contact information for the owner of the ticket or project is displayed.  For more information on setting up your Client Portal, see the Client Portal Administration Guide.

Organization Settings - Portal


View a summary of your organization's account record with Fuseboard which shows your Account Name, how long you have been a member of Fuseboard, and the plan to which you are enrolled.  You will also be able to upgrade your account from this tab.

Organization Settings - Subscription

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