When the deal is created a workspace will be created with a news feed, tasks, documents and calendar. Also, it will be marked as pending and be placed in the first deal stage. 

Overview Tab

The overview tab displays a news feed of all updates and key activities (uploaded document, new task, etc.) for the deal. All members of the deal are able to view the news feed. 

Deal Summary 

The deal summary includes essential details concerning the deal.

  • Status - The current status of the deal. Each deal can have a Pending, Won and Lost status.
  • Stage - The current stage of the deal.
  • Probability - The percentage of probability based on the current stage.
  • Rating - The current rating of the deal. Each deal can have a Hot, Warm or Cold rating.
  • Projected Close - When the deal is projected to close. This date is important for forecasting reports.
  • Age - The total age of the deal based on when the deal was created.
  • Owner - The user that controls the deal.

Amount Details

As you manage your deal, you can set the billing type, cost and quality which equal the total amount. 

  • Billing Type - The type of billing can be Per Hour, Per Month or Per Year. Also, you can define a Fixed Bid.
  • Cost - The amount per billing type.
  • Quantity - The number of hours, months or years for the billing. Fixed Bids do not have quantity.

Tasks Tab

Tasks can be added to the deal to move it forward in a systematic and logical way.  For more information on adding tasks to your deal, see the Tasks User Guide.

Resources Tab

Within Fuseboard, you have the ability to upload and attach files, add links, or create notes to any deal, project, ticket, contact, company or space. Each area allows you to add external information or add notes (along with comments to those notes) that will help you in managing your specific business details.  These resources can be for internal use only or can be shared with your clients.  For more information on adding files, links or notes to your deal, see the Resources User Guide.

About Tab

The about tab includes other details such as deal number and important dates.

Important Dates

  • Closed Date - The date the deal was won or lost. If the deal hasn't been close, it will show Pending.
  • Last Updated - The date the deal was last updated. 
  • Created On: The date the deal was created.

Deal Actions

By clicking the menu button, you can perform a few actions.

  • Create Template - Create a deal template based on the deal.
  • Apply Template - Apply an existing deal template to the deal.
  • Delete Deal - Removes the deal permanently. 
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