Within Fuseboard, you are able to manage your records of Companies (your customers, competitors, partners, and/or prospects).  By clicking on the Companies icon in the left Sidebar, you will be able to view any companies that you have added to your Fuseboard.

Within the companies area you will be able to view your list of companies, sorted alphabetically, along with the following details:

  • Company Type (Customer, Competitor, Partner, or Prospect - or you can leave blank)
  • Company photo (avatar)
  • Company Name
  • Contact information
  • Assigned Labels

Companies Area

Adding Companies

There are three ways of adding companies to your Fuseboard.

  1. Clicking the {{add}} button on the top left and selecting the Company option from the Quick Action Menu.
  2. Clicking the New Company button from within the Companies area.
  3. By importing your companies. See the Importing Data Admin Guide for more information on how to import your companies.

Tip:  Import or add your companies before adding your contacts so that you can match your contacts to the appropriate company when you add or import them.

Two of the Three Ways to Add Companies

 When a company is created, a workspace will be built with an Overview, Contacts, Tickets, Deals, Projects, and Resources tabs. (Optionally, an Invoices tab will display if you are integrated with Harvest and the company is reflected in both place.)

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